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 Glad to see fellow pilots

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Glad to see fellow pilots Empty
PostSubject: Glad to see fellow pilots   Glad to see fellow pilots EmptyThu Jun 11, 2015 8:54 pm

Dear Friends,
I have been flying my DM 503 for over 10 years now and love it. I started with a 500 sq ft square and when that needed to be retired, I bought a used Chiron. I had no idea how much I loved that chute until yesterday when I finally got to fly a chute I bought last winter. I had 2 chute folds with the chiron and decided it was time to retire that one. If you like to play around with your Chiron like I did and need to add extra links to get the chute to come up properly, BE CAREFUL. I am sure that I had some Devine help when I found myself spiraling very rapidly towards the ground from 300 feet. My first thought was " I wonder if it will hurt much to die", then a strong impression "FULL POWER". Did it scare me, well things happened so fast that I did not have time to be scared, but I did head straight for home to land. Well, back to yesterday. I don't remember my 500 being so slow and non responsive. 3 or 4 hundred extra rpm just to keep it up and when I reduce power to land, DOWN it comes. As you noticed by now, I am in the market for another parabolic. Been a long time since I researched chutes. I would hope that Chiron has cured the stretching lines thing. Would love to hear some recommendations from fellow pilots. BTW I had flown the Chiron in some terrible turbulences before without any folds, they came when the extra links were added which meant it was out of rig.
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Glad to see fellow pilots
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