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 Copeland from North Carolina

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PostSubject: Copeland from North Carolina   Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:22 am

Hi Copeland Willis III from Stallings North Carollina. just outside Charlotte to the east. I started with a AFU Coyote and flew it for 3 years, engined out and missed the emergency landing that i had picked out and went through the trees and woke up in the ppc on the ground. ended up with a broken back(all repaired in 2009). then boutgh a 6 chuter and modified it adding bucket seats and roll bar wiring etc.... love flying and wouldnt trade it for anything. i have several videos posted on youtube, search for copelandiii and should be albe to find them. i go to 3 main fly-ins each year, Tripple Tree in SC, which has a 7kfoot berumeda grass runway, like flying on a golf course...... Gretna Va is always fun and The Great Smokey Mountian Fly-in in Mohak Tn...about 80-120ppc's at this one.
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Copeland from North Carolina
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